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Have you always wanted a SPOT in the gym? Needed expert advice from a Personal Trainer?

How many times have you not gone to the gym because you do not have a training partner? How many times have you not reached your full potential because you do not want to disturb anyone in the gym for a spot? Now with GymSpotr you can find like-minded gym goers that also have this trouble and you’ll be able to find that training partner you require to help you reach your goals and motivate you to become the best you can be. In this day and age we are all smart phone users and rely on this from our day to day lives, scheduling events and using it for fun. With this in mind, GymSpotr will help you schedule yourself a training partner or a personal trainer. Using your phones GPS it will see who is at your local gym or in an area you want to visit, you will be able to find training partners at your fingertips. Here at GymSpotr we don’t want getting fit and healthy to be a chore, we want it to be fun and want you to meet fellow gym-goers in your area or your gym and get the spot you deserve.

  • Training Partners

    Find a training partner at your gym, or any location you desire.

  • Personal Trainers

    Find a potential client at your gym, or any location you desire.

  • Online Coaches

    See who is interested in online coaching anywhere and expand your reach in any location.

  • Companies

    Expand your advertising reach without doing anything, as our GymSpotr global users will do it for you.

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